Sunday, July 18, 2010

Martha and Mary

Just what is the Lord asking you to do? How do you know?

Martha is serving, Mary is listening. In this case, who's right? Not the question, because both are. There is a time and place for both. So why does Jesus tell Martha that Mary has chosen the better share? Because that is what He wants of her at that listen. Martha is doing good work that she thinks she should be doing, and that Mary should be helping. She's doing good work because everyone does need to eat! But can they eat later? Is there something better here that Martha is not seeing? Is there something else that Christ is calling her to do first?

What about us? When we think we are serving the Lord, are we really? Or are we really working over our own agenda of what we think the Lord wants us to do?

Do we listen with open hearts? Or do we frame the questions of our prayer and focus on what we want? Very easy to do, isn't it.

Are we willing to die to our old self, including our concepts of what we think the Lord wants, or are we willing to empty ourselves of our perceptions and be willing to go somewhere we never would have thought of on our own?


  1. This is very thought provoking. As someone who has just undergone a big experience I am struggling with who I am today... In my heart I am Mary but have always been so Martha in life. Being a bit debilitated changes things - so these readings hit me hard today.

  2. Fran, good to know you are at home and thank you for actually taking the time to come by here. My guess is that there is a time to be Mary and a time to be Martha. Our challenge is knowing which when? This is one of the reasons we pray...and pray together. I think I know what you are saying about being Mary in your heart and Martha in life. Sounds very familar! JT