Sunday, March 6, 2022


 Not going to write much about Lent.  Simply this.  Lent is like the work of restoring a treasured work of art, working carefully and diligently to bring out the beauty of what was originally created.  You and I are the works of art.  The restoration is done by the Artist.  Since we are not an inanimate object, like works of art are, the Artist works at the request of the work of art.   For your homework, Luke 7:36-50.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Dealing With Sin and other notes

     In years past I have talked about one’s own journey with God.  I have been away from here for quite some time, but have returned, and will attempt to pick up where I left off.   I’m not really into Chruch current events.  Doesn’t mean I don’t follow, but I’m not going to participate in a lot of the stuff taking place online.  It’s a diversion.  It keeps us from really facing God and therefore from facing ourselves.

In my own examen before Reconciliation, I saw that Satan was basically distracting me from some big sins that needed to be confessed with much attention on other, perhaps lesser, failings,   The old magician trick…distract with the one hand, while working the trick with the other.   When prayer took me back to one to one with the Lord, the situation became clearer.  I feel freed from an anchor I never fully knew or admitted was there.   

For a long time I had thought of returning to the blog, but kept putting it off.  Looking back, I had my hands full working through life and sometimes felt stuck in place slowly freezing to death (See Dante “Divine Comedy.”)  In this past year, there have been subtle, quiet, but powerful breakthroughs. This latest one has been developing over time and led me to return here.   For years, I worked in communications…I confess, I was a radio deejay, talk show host, news guy.  Later I sold advertising and wrote and produced commercials, before moving into management, (my on-air friends called this a movement to the Dark Side,).   In short, I have some sort of talent which it seems the Lord wants me to put to better use.  And there have been many “distractions” along the way.    So here we go.

When I write or talk about one’s personal journey, there is a red flag.  It can start to sound like, or be taken as, “Me and Jesus.”  That is, it’s all about me and Jesus and the rest of  humanity is “out there,”  and I am being protected by Jesus from it.   Not so.   The personal knowing of Christ leads right to Jesus’ telling us to do what the apostles did…go, and make believers of others.    To me, this journey of faith in this life leads to living the life that Christ led…including the suffering.   My journey goes no where unless I follow this command.  By my ordination, I am a servant.   Coming back to this blog is just one of the ways I am called to serve.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Bread of Life

 John 6:35,37. “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst....Everything that the Father gives me will come to me, and I will not reject anyone who comes to me.”

You and I are among the ones who come to the Son because of the Father.  If we so choose. And to be in the Father and the Son means to live as they show us.   We’re not trying to prove anything to anyone, we are simply alive in love.  

Monday, April 12, 2021

A Good Day to Die?

 This morning, I read a twitter post by a lady who’s husband just died at age 38.  My heart and prayers go out to her.  These are the losses that are so difficult!  She noted that 38 is not an age to die.  Well, neither are 16 and 19, the ages of my children when they died.  Both the person who tweeted and me are Catholic, and we believe in eternal life.  Therefore, are we selfish because a spouse, child, close friend, loved one in our life dies suddenly?  Not at all.  When my daughters died, a lady told me not to worry or be upset because they were with God.  Well, I said, that’s the point of my grief....they’re with God, but they aren’t with us.   We don’t deny them that gift, heck, we longed for them and tried to prepare them to receive that gift!  The hard part is that we have to continue the journey without them present.  It’s not an easy journey,

As I wrote above, my heart...and prayers...go to the lady who tweeted, and to all who have recently lost loved ones.  Every morning I pray for those who will die today, and for those they love. That really could be any one of us.  

Monday, March 22, 2021

The Eyes of Mercy

 In the Gospel of this day,  we have the story of the temple leaders who brought the prostitute before Christ, seeking her condemnation.   He silently waits for them to settle down after their citing the charges against the woman, and then challenges that the ones “without sin cast the first stone.”   The air is deflated from their balloon.  One by one they quietly slip away.  Jesus is alone with the woman, and forgives her.

Jesus looked at the leaders, and the woman, through eyes of mercy, not condemnation.  If we claim in any way to be followers of Christ, we also need to be looking at life through a Christ-like lens...through the eyes of mercy.  Scapegoating brings emotional short term pleasure and self-righteousness.  Mercy brings forgiveness and love.   This became the focus of my meditation today.  Am I, a servant of Christ, looking at the world through the eyes of mercy

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Ash Wednesday

 It’s about 4 degrees with about 10 inches of snow visible through the dining room window.  Driveway is clear and later on I will be off to pray, distribute ashes and the Eucharist and then prep a few classes. 

For sometime, I’ve discerned coming back to this.  Amidst the winter surge, I think I hear a “do it.”  

This is a place for quiet reflection.  It was started with Elijah in mind, and the broom tree where he took his “retreat” and was prepared for the next step in the journey.  It was started as a part of my own grief work after the loss of my children in a car crash, followed by the death of my brother in the WTC on 9/11.  After all that, I needed a broom tree.  Everybody needs a broom tree.

On this Ash Wednesday, in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus instructs us how to live our lives in His love. When it comes to prayer, he urges to go to our “inner room” and pray to the Father “in secret” and the Father will hear us “in secret.”  

In short, go to your broom tree.  Stop.  Breathe.  Rest.  Pray.  Listen.  Be still. Know the Lord. 

This blog is not meant to be your broom tree.  It is meant to maybe help you along in coming to know the Father while in that “inner room” or under the broom tree.    Elijah would leave the broom tree to go to Mt. Horeb, where he would have his encounter with the Lord.   Where are you headed.  

Ash Wednesday is a good broom tree day.  Take some time to go to the secret room today. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

St. Martin of Tours

 Today is the memorial of St. Martin of Tours, fourth century monk, priest, bishop who worked tirelessly as a servant of God up to the time of his death in the year 397.  He is/was the first saint who was not a martyr, so I understand.  More so, he was a model pastor.   

St. Martin simply gave his life for Christ.  We are called to do so as well, in the way Jesus calls each of us to do.  We tend to want to ignore that or forget that, and live a “Catholic life” based on what we decide that will be.  St. Martin simply followed Christ completely.  He allowed Christ to lead.

Today, we are called to live the baptismal promise of  “priest,” not the sacramental but the evangelical.  As  disciples sent to all corners of...if not the world, then our neighborhood.  Or maybe within our own four walls.  It depends.  It is not an easy call to follow, especially in our country.  

I’ve found St. Martin to be an example of discipleship.  On call 24-7. Go where needed, do what is called for.  You really can’t plan this because it is Christ who will send you.  It’s a matter of prayer and humility...being open to God’s call in your life and willing to go where sent when you hear it.  Not an easy task, but one that brings peace to one’s heart.   

St. Martin of Tours, pray for us.