Monday, August 2, 2010

Jeremiah 28:1-17

The reading from Jeremiah today (28:1-17)has me wondering primarily aboute about Hananiah. Why would anyone falsley prophesy? Misled by pride? Difficulty in separating what the people would want from the will of the Lord? Jealousy, as in a need to show up Jeremiah?

There should be no surprise here. History is filled with examples of people who have toyed with God in order to get what they want. We live with them all around us today. Perhaps we have been guilty as well, in whatever way. Can you think of anyother phrase that gets used to extreme distortion the way "the will of God" does?

In the end, the Lord shortens the life of Hananiah and increases the hold of Babylon over the Israelites. Sounds like the extreme God of the OT, doesn't it? The point is clearly made. No good can come from misuse of the love of God for his people.

Lord, is it thy will or my will? Help me make it thy will today and every day.

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