Friday, August 20, 2010

The Two

Funny thing happened on the way to a relationship with God. The discovery that this is more than a one-to-one relationship. Comes a point, if you're serious about meeting God, when you realize that everyone else is entitled to do the same thing you are. Instead of "me and God," you come to a knowing of the universe as the work of God. The more you come to know that and live that and act that, the more God's love tends to grow in your own life. I thought about that this morning, reading Matthew's gospel about the two great commandments. Pursuit of "one" leads to the pursuit of "two" and the pursuit of "two" leads to a greater fulfillment of one. God's love in your own life really begins to blossom when you begin to see...and treat...other people as you would yourself. You want them to have what you are having, a great relationship with God. You hope for them, pray for them, and if called upon to do so, help them get their share of the Kingdom as well.

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