Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Prayer (Luke 6:12-19)

"In those days he departed to the mountains to pray, and he spent his night in prayer to God. When the day came he called his disciples to himself and from them he chose twelve."

Sometimes the message we individually need to hear isn't hidden. Sometimes it jumps out at you. If it had hands, it would grab you by the neck and make you pay attention. Such was this verse in today's reading from Luke.
Only after prayer, much prayer, did Christ choose the Twelve. The message was clear for me...you need to pray more often.

So, immediately I think of making more time for prayer. But those imaginary hands shook me some more. "It's not about making time, pal. It's about your pride. Anyone can make time to do something. It's what keeps you from doing it that you need to look at." With that, we were off down a different trail.

It's a meandering trail and I haven't yet reached the end. Actually, I imagine I'm just starting. But I leave this thought. What keeps you from praying more? Is it time, or is it something else? Is it your own human pride? Or perhaps it's another weakness. Sloth, perhaps. Whatever.

Just a thought.

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