Friday, October 1, 2010

Guide Me on the Road to Eternity

Wonderful readings today. First we have the Lord letting Job know who's who, and then we have David's beautiful Psalm 139 and, finally, Luke 10:13-16.

The first two readings actually filled me with a sense of awe, wonder and peace, these glimpses at the beauty and majesty of God. Wonder at the unimaginable sense of God's being compared to the limited reality of my mortality. Awe that so much can come from such a being filled with love.

Like Job and David, I know my place now, which wasn't always the case. My place and God's place, in what we call an ordered existence. What is incredible is the peace and freedom it brings to one's life. There has never been anything like this in my past. I contrast it with what I thought was freedom, and realize how much of the useless stress, tension, anger, fear, envy and pride have dissipated. That's not to say they are completly gone, but I am no longer a slave to them. The author of Job and David both recognize this, and David's psalm ends with a beutiful prayer:

God examine me and know my heart,
test me and know my concerns
Make sure that I am not on my way to ruin
and guide me on the road to eternity.

For a contrast, we have Luke, where the Lord laments those who reject him.
Obviously,not a personal rejection but the rejection of the wonders of God that became so clear to Job and David.

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  1. Job and David really 'get' it, don't they? And to think, David certainly had his 'sins'. Makes me think sometimes that it's not the action that is most's what we do afterwards. Do we walk away and hide in shame or do we come back, time and time again to our Lord and his eternal mercy and forgiveness.