Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Love the man. During our diaconate formation, we have read several of his theological works, starting with Introduction to Christianity. Last summer, I had the opportunity to study his theology in a course given by Dr. Cyril O'Regan at Notre Dame. I have read the Sewald books and am looking forward to the new one. I found this post on Amy Welborn's blog and thought it well worth the sharing. You can read it here.


  1. I do not loathe him, as many do, but I have a hard time with our Holy Father more often than not, nonetheless. I continue to pray to be open, willing.

  2. I understand. At first, I was not sure about him myself. Over time, and much study, I have come to respect and admire him, which is not to say we always laugh at the same jokes. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and a blessed Advent, Fran. JT

  3. That is so very well put, JT. Thank you! God bless.