Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Anchor

On this day, the author of Hebrews writes of hope and trust in the Lord, who has promised us that he will save us from our suffering and weakness. This promise is true, says the author, because it comes from the one who is true. It is carried out in the Son, the High Priest who goes through the veil of the temple, the veil that separated us from God but does so no longer. In this we take our hope.
Personally, I have always had hope for any people who have turned toward God and are struggling to move toward him, even when they fail and fail miserably. There is always hope. If you have turned, you have hope. It is when the hope is abandoned that the soul falls. Hope is knowing that we are not abandoned, and that knowing is what causes us to get up again and start moving forward again. This life we choose to lead, this life of following Christ, is not an easy one. But that hope of the promise from the one who took an oath upon himself because he is Truth moves us forward one inch at a time.

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  1. Truth moves forward an inch at a time indeed... beautifully put. It really is all about hope isn't it?

    Thanks for this JT, thank you.