Thursday, February 10, 2011


Time now for the occasional "why I have not posted that much lately" post. Several reasons, really. The usual ones are the amount of work I am dealing with this year in preparation, God willing, for ordination to the diaconate in May. Coupled with the work that I do each day in the Office of Catechesis, and all that goes into a loving marriage. But the main reason has been my own personal discernment process. It has been both peaceful and painful, joyful and rugged. There are days, quite frankly, when I feel I have nothing to say and am better off just shutting up and listening. Probably not a bad idea, if you think about it. A priest friend told me that in this last year before ordination, do not be surprised to find Satan banging away at you constantly. He was right. In my heart, I am beginning to appreciate the days of Christ in the desert and the temptations from Satan. Christ went through what his followers would go through in times to come. He showed us the way.

These are all good things that are going on, but leave me a little short from time to time on posting. One thing that I am listening for is whether or not this is where my talents should be focused and time spent. On one hand, I hear the Holy Father talk about the need for new media evangelization. On the other, after 30 some-odd (mostly odd) years in media, I have had no qualms in walking away from it. We will figure it out and see where it all takes us.

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  1. You will be in my prayers. It sounds as though there is some good 'inner' work going on. Your feelings, experiences, temptations, etc. are going to make you such a compassionate and empathetic deacon. Your discernment will yield wonderful fruits I'm sure.