Monday, March 21, 2011

The Truth Shall Set You Free

The one aspect of Lent that always amazes me is that it takes us to places we had no idea we would be travelling to when we made our Lenten plans. Perhaps this is where the prayer, the fasting and the alms giving leads us: to a new door opening, to another mystery to be faced, to a deeper place that may appear to be frightening at first but completely peaceful upon entering into it.

That's how it has been playing for me this Lent. Entering into a mystery that is frightening yet peaceful. Entering fully into the mystery of death.

Last night, I watched the "60 Minutes" feature on Abp. Timothy Dolan. (You can check it out thanks to Rocco here.) What struck me was his visit to the crypt at St. Patrick's with Morley Safer, where he pointed out where he will be entombed. He passes that place daily. Safer asked if he found that unnerving. No, instead Abp. Dolan said, with a laugh, that he found it liberating.

Liberating. That's what I am finding about this coming to grips with death is liberation and peacefulness. It is that way only because of the work of the Savior,
Jesus Christ. If you enter into this mystery we are soon to celebrate, if you continue to enter into the very freeing act of our loving God, the more free you become. This is a journey that I can only describe as freeing because I continue to give up this world as an end-all,be-all for the promise and hope of the Resurrection.
As a result I am feeling a certain freedom. This must be the freedom of being in order somewhat with God.

I began this Lent asking for healing. It is now showing up in ways least expected!

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  1. Beautifully put. I have not been around so much, life has taken some crazy turns. Good to read your words again. My prayers for you always.