Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Matthew 13:44-46

As I thought about the parable of the treasure in the field this morning, I started thinking about the field.  I'm not big on walking through fields.  Most are overgrown, some with vegetation unfamiliar to me, which immediately makes me think I may get a terminal itchy rash.  Fields are uneven, so it's not unusual to step in a hole or trip over some hidden object.  Insects abound.  Snakes also abound.  Fields can look okay at a distance, but be a hazard to cross.   In  short, fields are like life.  Messy, with unforeseen sharp turns or sudden falls.  So we have the guy in the parable who finds hidden treasure (perhaps in a junker car left in the field) and goes and buys the field.  I'm thinking the field is your life, with all it's craziness, sinfulness, happiness and sorrow.  And once you find the Treasure, you buy the field. You accept your life, because inside that life you have found the Treasure.  Which, I think, was God's plan all along. 

There was once a radio station in California that buried a treasure in a field and gave clues on the air where to find it. People found the field, but not the treasure.  They raced all over the place in a huge hurry.  The station took to giving obvious clues:  "Here it is, here's it not, now dig a hole, this is the spot!"  Someone eventually did find it.  I'm thinking if we're rushing around our field, maybe trying to get out of it because of the weeds and snakes, we'll miss the treasure.  Slow down and look at your field.  Then you will find the Treasure.

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