Tuesday, February 4, 2014


More snow is on the way.  This has been a real winter, unlike any we've had in the quarter century that we have lived here.  Don't know where I can put any more snow keeping the driveway clear, yet another six to ten inches are on the way.   It has caused havoc with just about every aspect of work, and the poor school teachers!  What a challenge they're faced with as this winter onslaught continues.

It has been a real winter, indeed.  And it has also been a beautiful winter.  There is nothing as beautiful to me as a clear, cold winter day, or night, with a thick covering of snow bathed in the winter sun or winter moon.

A storm took out a huge tree two doors down from us about two years ago.  I miss that tree in the winter.  In early mornings of a full moon, I could stand in the dark and look out the kitchen window at the full winter moon through the bare branches of that tree.

So once again we make alternative plans and make sure there's gas in the car.  But we also have another chance to admire the beauty of creation.

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