Friday, February 20, 2015

The Third Day

Imaginative title..

  Had been hoping to do a short daily piece each day during Lent, but you can see that that got off to a great start!

But it's still early, so a a few thoughts for today on Lenten practices.

Whatever you choose to work on, whatever you choose to abstain from, whatever fasting you undertake,  may it come from a prayerful choice.  

Better just one or two things than an impossible list.   Don't phone it in, do something that really needs work in your life, which  to me means your entire life in order with God. (I no longer use the term "spiritual life."  That sounds too much like a hobby you undertake on a quiet Sunday afternoon.)

As for me, I have decided to abstain from one particular habitual act.  By abstaining with prayer and with the complete work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it could mean great strides for me being the loving human God so desires of me.  Just one thing.

Continue to pray and discern your choices.  It will weed out the uneeded.

Don't worry about perfection.  Think more about growth.

Pray always.

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