Monday, May 18, 2015


The Broom Tree is still here.  I just haven't been watering it much lately.  Quite frankly, I've been thinking about:

a.) resume watering it
b.) transplant it
c.)  chop it down altogether.

Option C, would just be calling an end to the whole thing.  Thought about it, prayed about it, and even though I don't know what the future of the Tree holds, chopping it down really never was much of an option.  Even so, not considering it's demise was not an option I could ignore.

Option B got more consideration.  But transplants are a lot of extra work that I really don't want to do.   Besides I've done transplants already and have left dead brush behind as a result.

So, that leaves Option A.

I will resume watering it.

Here's where I am and what I do the rest of my days.  A little over a year ago I returned to radio, my first love, my long love, and the home of the few talents I have.  However, I returned to the only place I would go, which was Catholic radio.  Redeemer Radio in Fort Wayne gave me the opportunity to put together a morning show, and to once again experience the joy of getting up at half-past dark five days a week to, as the late great Larry Lujack so aptly put it, slave over a hot microphone.  Now nearly a year old,  Redeemer Mornings does interviews, has news, and my co-host and I yak about anything Catholic...almost.   Got to admit, its kinda fun.    The work involved in show prep is something else.

But wait, there's more...

I'm finishing getting (finally) my MA (theology) from Notre Dame.  Comps this summer. Prayers needed, thank you.  More work.

But then....

I have agreed to take over my parish's RCIA program.


I do homilies, and the assorted other duties of a parish deacon,  And I get asked to give talks and things like that around the diocese.

So, you can see where the challenge of getting under the Tree came from.  Plus, I wondered about the direction and purpose of the Tree.

I have the watering can and the hose.   More to come.  Or is it stay tuned...

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