Monday, September 7, 2015

Good and Evil on Labor Day (talk about work!)

Good morning from Northeast Indiana...where summer is playing the grand finale with sun and 90 degree temperatures.

So today Jesus takes up the secret challenge of the Pharisees (Luke 6:6-11) and asks them the killer question.  "Is it permitted on the Sabbath to do good or to do evil, to save life, or to destroy it."

It's a killer question because it causes all of us to stop and reflect.  The truth is that even some of our "holy" actions can be evil actions because they are rationalizations that keep us from truly turning to the good and giving ourselves to God.   Evil actions can take on camoflauge...they can appear to be good, but are they truly in line with being in a loving relationship with God.   That is what Jesus was creating when he opened eyes, cleared ears and straightened withered hands...loving relationships.

Anyway, it's worth a little spiritual look-see.  Are my actions, are my thoughts, is my reasoning turning to the good?  Not the perceived good, but the Good.  Or are they turning away from the Good, which would be the definition of evil.

Hey, enjoy the brats today. Happy Labor Day.

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