Thursday, September 1, 2016

A. Thursday Ramble

Thursday of the 22nd week of Ordinary time and the gospel is from Luke, chapter five, verses 1-10.

Jesus teaches from Simon's boat and then instructs Simon to go out and cast the nets.  What I love about this reading is Simon's response.  We've fished all night and caught nothing, he tells Jesus, but
"If you say so, I will."    So off they go and catch two boat loads of fish.

Simon gives us a single sentence definition of faith.   His professional experience says that he doubts any catch will happen, but his answer expresses just enough  faith to give it a try.  He has been reached in that undefinable way that God can touch us, a touch personal between God and ourself.

When I think of those filled nets, I think of God's love toward us.  How he can fill our hearts if we say so and follow.  How his love expresses itself in ways we can't imagine because our human imagination lacks the scope to do so.  How is love is both mysterious and personal.  I can't define exactly what it can be for you.  I know how it works for me...but even then, I often don't recognize it  until after it has come.

I'm not talking emotional Jesus highs here.  That's not who I am and that's not how he comes to me.

Think of it this way.   He told Peter to cast his nets.  Made sense for Peter who was a fisherman.  Compare that with how he reaches Philip.   Would he say "get a boat and cast some nets?'  Doubt it.

Listen for what he says to you.  Be aware and awake as Peter was.  Then cast the nets.  You gotta cast the nets, whatever they are.

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